Not all big emitters back Abbott

Not all big emitters back Abbott

Updated: 04:45, Saturday July 7, 2012

Not all big emitters back Abbott

A survey of heavy greenhouse emitters that pay Canberra’s carbon tax, shows less than a quarter of those asked openly support Tony Abbott’s plan to scrap the scheme.

The survey is in Fairfax papers and shows concerns over the design of the scheme, with some wanting a more rapid move to a market-based emissions trading scheme, scrapping a planned floor price and more generous compensation.

The papers say 40 big emitters of 294 companies that pay the carbon tax were asked whether they want to repeal or to change the scheme.

Nine wanted the scheme scrapped, while eight, including AGL and mining company BHP Billiton and oil companies Shell and Caltex, say they favour some form of carbon pricing.

Industry observers believe Mr Abbott would face pressure to apply some form of carbon price if he wins government.

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