Norwegian fjord to be used as a mining waste dumping ground

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Norwegian fjord to be used as a mining waste dumping ground


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Norway’s government has given the go-ahead for Nordic Mining to pull Engebø Mountain apart for mineral mining and make a nearby fjord a dumping ground for the waste. Opposition to the project is strong – so strong that a team of activists led by Young Friends of the Earth Norway (Natur og Ungdom) has been chaining themselves to machinery for the past two weeks!

We’re sending a message to the Norwegian government that we support the activists in their mission and that the fjords must be protected!

Ask the Norwegian Prime Minister to intervene to stop plans to dump mining waste in the pristine Førdefjord and stop this environmentally harmful practice

Førde fjord is one of the Norwegian West Coast’s cleanest and richest fjords, and a unique ecosystem.

In April 2015, the Norwegian government approved plans to mine Engebø Mountain. Nordic Mining has been given permission to dump 250 million tons of mining waste in the fjord. Nordic Mining has not yet specified which chemicals they wish to use during the disposal.  This, despite protests from leading marine biologists from the Marine Research Institute and the Fisheries Directorate, locals and environmental organisations, who fear Nordic Mining will use toxic and damaging chemicals. The waste dumped in the fjord could include sulphuric acid, sodium, phosphoric acid, carbonic acid and acrylamide as well as other acids, solvents and heavy metals including copper, nickel, lead, zinc and mercury.

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