Next step to Traveston Crossing Dam


Impact statement due by October: "Some 112 changes and additions have been made to the original terms of reference as a result of the consultation on the draft," she said. The federal Minister for the Environment and Water Resources had advised that he was satisfied at this stage that stage 2 of the proposed dam did not require a separate referral and assessment process under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act."

Water saving efforts praised: "I am sure," Bligh said in parliament, "members will join me in congratulating the people of south-east Queensland for their inspired water-saving efforts in the face of the worst drought in the region’s history. Whether it is collecting water for gardens by using buckets in the shower or doing one less load of washing a week, households have tailor-made their own solutions to help beat this drought. Average consumption in the south east is now down to 135 litres per person per day – well ahead of Target 140. So successful have households been that the QWC has now asked the 12 councils under level 5 restrictions to help it decide whether south-east Queenslanders can be spared the prospect of outdoor watering bans as level 6 restrictions are formulated. Level 6 restrictions will shift the focus to business, particularly those small and medium sized companies that must do more to play their part by demonstrating how they can make savings of up to 25 per cent or bring their operations into line with world’s best practice. I look forward to their cooperation," she said.

Reference: Anna M. Bligh, Deputy Premier, Treasurer and Minister for Infrastructure, Member for South Brisbane ALP, First Session of the Fifty-Second Queensland Parliament, Queensland, 7 August 2007.

Erisk Net, 11/8/2007

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