[New post] Tasmania 2014 – Lyons

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[New post] Tasmania 2014 – Lyons

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Tasmania 2014 – Lyons

by Ben Raue

Lyons4-toppollingLyons covers the centre of Tasmania, and is the largest electorate in the state.

The electorate of Wilmot was renamed to Lyons at the 1986 election, which saw a 4-3 split in favour of the Liberal Party.

In 1989, Christine Milne won a seat in Lyons for the Greens, producing a 4-2-1 split in favour of the Liberal Party. This was maintained in 1992, and a 3-3-1 split in 1996.

The reduction in numbers in 1998 saw Milne, by then the Greens leader in the Assembly, lose her seat along with a Liberal MP, producing a 3-2 split for the ALP.

The Greens returned to Lyons in 2002, producing a 3-1-1 split that was repeated in 2006. In 2010, the ALP lost a seat to the Liberal Party.

The Liberal Party will require a large swing to gain a seat off either the ALP or the Greens – but Lyons saw a huge swing at the 2013 federal election which could indicate potential for such a large shift.

Lyons is represented by Rene Hidding (LIB), Tim Morris (GRN), Michael Polley (ALP), Mark Shelton (LIB) and Rebecca White (ALP).

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