[New post] Eleven candidates: Griffith nominations declared

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[New post] Eleven candidates: Griffith nominations declared

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Eleven candidates: Griffith nominations declared

by Ben Raue

With nominations declared on Friday, eleven candidates are off and running for the Griffith by-election on 8 February.

The federal seat was vacated by former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd following his party’s defeat at the 2013 election.

These eleven candidates include candidates from Labor, the Liberal National Party and the Greens, along with candidates for six other political parties, and two independents.

One surprising nomination comes from comedian Anthony Ackroyd, known for his Kevin Rudd impersonation. Ackroyd is running for the Bullet Train for Australia party.

  1. Timothy Lawrence (Stable Population Party)
  2. Geoff Ebbs (Greens)
  3. Christopher David Williams (Family First)
  4. Karel Boele (Independent)
  5. Anthony Ackroyd (Bullet Train for Australia)
  6. Anne Reid (Secular Party)
  7. Terri Butler (Labor)
  8. Melanie Rose Thomas (Pirate Party)
  9. Travis James Windsor (Independent)
  10. Ray Sawyer (Katter’s Australian Party)
  11. Bill Glasson (Liberal National)

Click through to read the Tally Room guide to the Griffith by-election.


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