National Water Restriction Ratings

The combination of record low inflows into our dams, predictions of continued hot and dry weather and higher than expected water consumption this summer means that Water Restrictions have come into force across the country. What water restrictions govern your water usage.

At a glance …

Australian Capital Territory 

Stage 3 water restrictions have been in force since 16 December 2006.
These are the most severe restrictions imposed in the ACT’s history and compliance with them is crucial to ensure sustained water supply during these extremely dry conditions.

New South Wales

Level 3 mandatory water restrictions now apply across Sydney, Illawarra and the Blue Mountains. Click here for more information, cost of fines for breaking this restriction etc.

Northern Territory

Water restrictions have not been posted on the NT government’s web site. 


As of 1 November 2006, South East Queensland is operating under Level 4 water restrictions. Water restrictions apply to households as well as businesses, industries and Government agencies. Click here for full details.

South Australia

Level 3 water restrictions apply for Adelaide and other River Murray water users from 1 January 2007. Click here for full details.


Stage 1 water restrictions are currently in place in Hobart. However, water restrictions vary around the island state. Click here for specific ratings on towns and shires.


Stage 3 Water Restrictions apply from 1 January 2007. Click here for full details. 

Western Australia

From 1/1/07, Stage 3 water restrictions apply to all towns serviced by Western Water. Click on the following link for full details of Stage 3 water restrictions.


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