NASA satellites see wildfires across Colorado

NASA satellites see wildfires across Colorado

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 01:38 PM PDT

NASA’s Aqua satellite captured a natural-color image of Colorado wildfires raging on June 23, 2012.

Thunderstorms have longer reach than thought: Storm researcher calls for new air safety guidelines

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 08:49 AM PDT

Aircraft turbulence guidelines should be rewritten after new research revealed thunderstorms could produce unexpected turbulence more than 100 km away from storm cells.

NOAA: Data from new satellite implemented in record time; Meteorologists are now using information for weather forecasts

Posted: 26 Jun 2012 08:37 AM PDT

Data flowing from a new generation of instruments onboard the Suomi NPP satellite, a joint NASA/NOAA mission, are being used in NOAA’s global numerical weather forecast system a record seven months after launch, nearly three times faster than previous missions. After a rigorous and accelerated evaluation period, meteorologists began using the new data in operational weather models on May 22, 2012. These models are the foundation for all public and private weather forecasts in the United States.

NASA satellite sees several western U.S. fires blazing

Posted: 22 Jun 2012 08:11 AM PDT

Fires are raging in the western U.S. and in one overpass from its orbit around Earth, NASA’s Aqua satellite picked up smoke and identified hot spots from fires in Colorado, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

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