Mungo’s slip reveals ALP’s Achilles heel


Mungo’s defence of Garrett, as much as Garrett’s desertion of principle itself, proves that the Alternative Liberal Party is now a creature of the establishment. The ALP must, according to Mungo, compromise its principles to gain power. If that means selling workers down the drain, Uranium to warring states, or our hospitals, schools and water to international corporations, then so be it.

When the Liberal Party self destructs after this election, Mungo and other apparatchiks of the establishment will find themselves facing a far more formidable opposition; a passionate and principled movement that is ready to govern on behalf of the people and the environment that supports us.

The choice for the future is stark. We either vote for the establishment parties that will sacrifice us all on the altar of economic growth or for the emerging parties that recognise we must learn to live better to survive.

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