Most local residents bought into Wattle Grove, Casula and surrounding areas long before there was any industrial use of the land south of the M5.

For local residents, consultation would involve:

  • Considering the needs of the community
  • Working out how to best utilise the unique features of the site:
    • The River
    • Casula Station
    • Heritage Buildings
  • Working out what kinds of development are incompatible with the site’s limitations:
    • Environmental constraints (Air and River)
    • Existing serious traffic congestion
    • Very close residential areas
  • Finally working out what kind of development is compatible with the site and will improve the local area

Residents feel that consultation about this project is just lip service and a bit of an afterthought.

“The proposal to build the 1m TEU intermodal facility has been around since 2005”

No-one asked residents what they wanted and it is pretty clear that the government wants to push ahead with the proposal.

Anthony Albanese said:

“we are pushing ahead with the development of an intermodal facility at Moorebank that will take a million trucks a year off the M5”
Anthony Albanese

Residents feel that the project is being levered into the local area by degrees. A few years ago, unwelcome industrial development was added between Anzac Rd and the M5. That makes it seem reasonable to build the SIMTA project which makes it seem reasonable to build the government project. Piece by piece a quiet residential area is being converted to industrial wasteland.

Once the terminal is built, the traffic will gradually increase:

“Container trade through Port Botany has been growing over the last 40 years at just over an average 7% per year. This means that container traffic in and out of Sydney doubles every 10 years. This percentage increase itself has actually been growing over the last ten years (other than in 08/09 due to the GFC). It is not expected this percentage growth rate will reduce over the short to medium term.”

“In the Next 20 years congestion and freight will both double in Sydney”
Brendon Lyon, Infrastructure Australia Executive Director quoted in Liverpool Leader June 2 2010

“Staged construction is due to begin in 2013, with the Federal Government expecting the terminal will eventually take over 1 million trucks a year off the M5.”
Australian Transportation News, July 30 2010

“The proposed Moorebank intermodal freight terminal will be the largest in the nation, an Infrastructure Australia senior staffer has confirmed. Michael Deegan, infrastructure co-ordinator for the national body, told a Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport luncheon on Monday that the complex would include at least two rail spurs which would connect to the Southern Sydney Freight Line by a new bridge over the Georges River”
Liverpool City Champion, November 18 2009

“Port Botany saw an 8% growth in total container trade through the port, reaching 1.928 million TEU (containers measured as twenty-foot equivalent units) for 2009/2010. This equals approximately $50 billion worth of trade. This is the 9th consecutive annual growth record. Full container imports reached 951,000 TEUs, up 8.6% from 2008-09”


They are not being straight with us

Residents feel that they are being railroaded. Its a pretty natural reaction when someone sets out to ruin your home and health with a large industrial complex. So, are we really being hoodwinked? The following collection of weasel words that provide some examples of how the local residents are being railroaded.

Wikipedia defines Weasel Words as “words and phrases aimed at creating an impression that something specific and meaningful has been said, when in fact only a vague or ambiguous claim has been communicated

Weasel Words
Weasel Speaker
What’s Wrong With It
“Once operational, the new facility will create hundreds of jobs across Western Sydney” Anthony Albanese Considering the site was earmarked for a commercial development with 15,000 jobs, the project is a job loser for South West Sydney
“the 2010-11 Budget allocates $70.7 million to complete the detailed planning on the Moorebank Intermodal Terminal Project in Sydney’s South West, with the staged redevelopment of the hub expected to start in 2013, subject to final approval” Anthony Albanese The statement sounds consultative saying “subject to final approval”, but half of the “detailed planning” involves emptying the site, moving the School of Military Engineering
“Improved air quality, decreased greenhouse gas emissions and motor vehicle accident rates” Department of Finance Improved air quality and reduced vehicle accident rates in Botany, not so good in Moorebank. Thousands of trucks each day will belch out life threatening pollution for local residents to breath.
“There would be approximately one kilometre of land between the nearest resident and the proposed railway terminal.” SIMTA This might be true, but its deceptive. Its SIMTA talking, but they seem to be referring to the railway terminal on the Government site across Moorebank avenue. The statement is made in reference to noise, but they are trying to ignore everything that happens on their site. Some residents are as close as 230m, less than a quarter of the distance implied!

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