Monsanto ecocide trial garners global attention

A People's Tribunal in he Dutch Capital, The Hague
A People’s Tribunal in he Dutch Capital, The Hague

Activists staging a mock trial of Monsanto for Crimes Against Humanity in the Hague have successfully garnered world attention, forcing the company to release a statement and Forbes Magazine to run an article on the situation. The objectives of the mock trial are to test the legal strength of such a case thereby building a framework for hearing charges of ecocide. Monsanto point to misinformation about GMO products as proof that the activists are simply fear mongering. They do not address the charges of undermining food security by forcing small farmers to become dependent on their patented seed products.

Monsanto Goes on Trial for Ecocide

A people’s tribunal against Monsanto began Friday in The Hague, with representatives from hundreds of organizations coming together to put Monsanto on trial for crimes against humanity and ecocide. “If Mother Earth could speak, Monsanto ought to be in jail long before now,”

Monsanot NOT on trial – Forbes Magazine (Note the personal attack on Ananada Shiva and the unapologetic defense of Monsanto)

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