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Massive underwater heatwave


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They’re calling it the “White Death”.
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Fight for the Reef

They’re calling it the “White Death”.

Scientists are alarmed that this summer the Great Barrier Reef could be hit by a massive coral bleaching event.  They predict this could damage up to fifty percent of the Great Barrier Reef. [1]

This is the impact that global warming is having on our Reef.

This is the impact that the mining and burning of coal is having on our Reef.

Scientists say that the most corals in the Reef could recover, but only if we tackle global warming and stop other threats to the Reef. That means halting further industrialisation and reducing water pollution.

Now is not the time to be pushing new coal export projects like Adani’s Abbot Point port expansion, which will lead to increased dredging and shipping on the Reef. Adani’s mega mine will also add to global warming, which means more frequent coral bleaching events like the one we face this summer.

But it’s not all bad news.

Just this morning we heard Australia’s new Minister for Resources and Energy Josh Frydenberg on Radio National say that “Adani is a commercial project… it needs to stand on its own two feet.. it wouldn’t be a priority”

This is the first time a Turnbull Government Minister has come out and said Adani’s coal mine, rail and port development is not a priority for government.

Although these comments are promising, we need them to completely rule out using any taxpayer funds to bail out this disastrous Reef-wrecking project.

SHARE this photo on Facebook with your friends, tag @JoshFrydenberg and ask him to protect the Reef from Adani’s mining project.

The mining and burning of coal is a leading contributor to global warming, causing the waters to warm and become more acidic.

Bleaching happens when the Reef’s waters remain too hot for too long.

The Reef is clearly under stress and the Turnbull Government needs to do more to help reduce impacts on the Reef, including stopping mega-ports, dredging, the Carmichael project and pollution.

You can help today by SHARING this photo on Facebook and tagging @JoshFrydenberg.

Thanks for standing up for the Reef,

Gemma Plesman
on behalf of the Fight for the Reef team


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