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Adam Bandt

6:50 PM (47 minutes ago)

to me

Dear Neville —

In just 18 days, voters in Western Australia could decide the future direction of our country.

They can reject Tony Abbott and his destructive agenda or they can hand him total control of the Parliament. We want to do everything we can to help voters make the right choice.

From now until the WA Senate by-election, we need to call as many voters as we can in Perth and other Western Australian communities. We are all set up and ready to go. We just need you.

Sign up to phone call WA – we start this Thursday 20 March at 6pm

Last weekend I was in Western Australia campaigning with Greens Senator Scott Ludlam. There was a big buzz amongst his campaign team who have hit the streets knocking on doors. They are putting in a massive effort but we need to back them up.

By making calls we help voters understand what is at stake, including rejecting Tony Abbott’s attacks on clean energy, refugees, the ABC and the rest of his brutal agenda.

Already hundreds of Greens supporters around the country are making calls. Now is the time for Melbourne and Victoria to step up.

Join me in making calls to WA from Thursday

Friends, we have a short amount of time. The last election in WA came down to just 14 votes. A single call from you could make all the difference.

Please sign up to make a call –



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