Liberal campaigns against nuclear


The federal Liberal Member for the south-eastern New South Wales seat of Gilmore, Joanna Gash, has started a petition against her own Government on nuclear power.

Despite the Federal Government’s commitment to investigate the viability of nuclear energy, Ms Gash has started a petition for people opposed to a nuclear power plant in Jervis Bay.

Ms Gash says she would be equally open to starting a petition for people in favour of nuclear power in her electorate, but so far nobody is calling for that.

"If I had people coming to me, like I’ve had people coming for the other side of the fence, then I would consider a petition as well," she said.

"But at this stage I’ve had nobody approach me, so naturally I’m doing a petition against a nuclear power plant for the electorate of Gilmore because that’s the concern I and many people in the community have."

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