John James Newsletter No. <24>

The John James Newsletter 24
2 November 2014.

CO2 and mass extinctions of species – Andrew Glikson
Some nine mass extinctions due to rapidly escalating levels of CO2 are recorded over the past 580 million years. As our anthropogenic global emissions of CO2 are rising at a rate for which no precedence is known from the geological record another wave of extinctions is unfolding.

The Day Israel Attacked America
Al Jazeera investigates the deadly Israeli attack on a US naval vessel.In 1967. At the height of the Arab-Israeli Six-Day War the Israeli Air Force launched an unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty, a spy ship that was monitoring the conflict from the safety of international waters in the Mediterranean. Was it a cover for Israel’s imminent attack to capture the Golan Heights from Syria? Why did the US not object? Why was aid to Israel trebled in the next year?

Victorian town aims to be 100% renewable by 2022.
Yackandandah and surrounding villages already have a penetration rate of rooftop solar of 28.7 per cent, with 201 of the 700 dwelling buildings hosting a total of 600kW of solar. The Indigo Shire has the highest solar penetration of any council in the state.

Politics and aid (1)
Israel allowed only 75 trucks full of reconstruction material to enter the strip in mid-October to rebuild shelters for the estimated 110,000 Palestinians left homeless by Israel’s massive assault

Politics and aid (2)
Russian convoy delivers the fourth Russian humanitarian aid convoy to Ukraine. The previous three convoys have delivered  6,000 tons of food products, including cereals and canned food, as well as medicines, electricity generators, warm clothes and bottled drinking water.

Ecological farming on the Maldives
How to use our own wastes for the preservation of the planet.

Hungary suspends internet tax plan after mass protests
Around 100,000 Hungarians attended a rally protesting against the centre-right government’s plan.

Pentagon spending hits five-year high
The rate at which the United States economy grew last quarter from a surge in military spending that went up 16 percent. This is a five-year high not seen since the US was involved in wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Significantly, it has helped the economy overcome below-expectation consumer spending.

Minnesota’s highways are poised to become renewable energy generators
The state is soliciting proposals for solar developers to lease unused land along highways with up to 1-megawatt solar panel arrays built on public right-of-way around the state.

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