It’s hard to believe what just happened ACF

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It’s hard to believe what just happened


Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, ACF <>

9:18 PM (7 minutes ago)

to me
hey Neville
I’m writing to you from the training room in Melbourne where today we met 525 new climate leaders with Al Gore’s The Climate Reality Project.
And tonight, big news. Clive Palmer held a press conference with Al Gore and pledged to use his party’s power in the new Senate to:
  • Save the Renewable Energy Target. It will keep shifting Australia’s energy mix.
  • Save the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. It can keep boosting clean industries at a profit.
  • Save the Climate Change Authority. They can keep giving independent, expert advice.
This is a game changer for clean energy in Australia! And you were a part of making it happen. You’ve signed on to protect Australia’s working climate laws and now three of them look set to be saved by the new Senate.
The bad news is that Mr Palmer has also said he will kill the carbon price. He proposes to switch it to an emissions trading scheme, which will be set at zero until other countries are taking similar action. But we can’t afford to wait.
The details on this are unclear, but we’ll be watching like hawks, and we know other countries are already cutting pollution.
Tomorrow, Mr Gore will train community leaders to become climate leaders. With tens of thousands of others across the country, together, we’ll keep speaking out loud and strong and clear.
The fight for our climate laws is just heating up.
Victoria McKenzie-McHarg
Climate campaign manager


Australian Conservation Foundation


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