I’m not just fighting fires. Dean McNulty – via 350.org

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I’m not just fighting fires.


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Dear Neville,

My name’s Dean.

I’m a firefighter in Brisbane. I love my job. It’s about working with a team and helping the community. I really care about my team and I care about the community. And that’s why now, I’m not just fighting fires. I’m fighting climate change.

Queensland’s known for its extreme weather. We’re exposed to cyclones, flooding, droughts, and heat waves. So far we’ve managed to pull through, but the projections are becoming alarmingly grim. As someone who’s seen the devastating impacts of natural disasters, I can’t just turn a blind eye to the projections and what they mean for communities across Australia.

Right now, Australia’s largest super fund has a chance to help turn that around. Click here to call on AustralianSuper to divest from fossil fuels, starting with coal.

The world is moving on climate change. We’ve seen positive steps from countries around the globe, including unlikely suspects such at China, India, and the US. But despite global progress, the government of one particular country has been dragging down the pack:


But our government doesn’t speak for all of us. What’s more, they aren’t the only leaders this country has. AustralianSuper has many of Australia’s most influential people on its board. People such as Heather Ridout, who has worked to shape the industry sector for over thirty years. And David Oliver, the Secretary for the Australian Council of Trade Unions.

Whether you’re an AustralianSuper member or not, join me in asking their Board to continue being leaders in Australia at a time when the world needs leaders most.

We know AustralianSuper can divest. CalPERS, the biggest super fund in the US, recently led the way by divesting from coal.* With $290 billion in retirement savings, CalPERS is three times the size of AustralianSuper. Now it’s time for AustralianSuper to join them.

By divesting, AustralianSuper would set a groundbreaking benchmark when our climate and communities need it most. I’ve seen the impact of extreme weather events. I’ve seen the projections. Now is the time for action from all of Australia’s leaders, including AustralianSuper.

Click here to support a safer climate for Australians and people everywhere, by calling on AustralianSuper to divest from fossil fuels, starting with coal.

In solidarity,

Dean McNulty, Brisbane Firefighter

*California passes bill forcing biggest pension funds to to divest from coal, The Guardian, 3rd September 2015.

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