Icelandic Landscapes

This planet obeys the law—stats on volcanic eruptions show pattern called
Ars Technica
The authors conclude, “Since the use of Benford’s law may serve as a simple and quick quality test of data, and provide new ways to detect anomalous signals in data sets, it could be used as a validity check on future databases related to volcanoes.
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Icelandic Landscapes
National Geographic
Over the centuries, humans (and sheep) have taken a toll on the volcano– and glacier-shaped landscape. But what remains is still spectacular. By Robert Kunzig It was five days before Christmas, and in the hut on the north flank of Eyjafjallajökull,
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Eruption Update for April 16, 2012: Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, Alaska and Iceland
Wired News
Webcam capture by Eruptions reader Renato Rio Cleveland volcano has yet to settle down. In fact, over the weekend the volcano had two small explosive eruptions, likely related to the summit dome. However, neither explosion produced a noticeable ash
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