Hunter’s ACT seat back in jeopardy

ABCOctober 24, 2012, 8:10 pm

Incumbent MLA Simon Corbell is back in the race to win a seat at the ACT election, but ACT Greens Leader Meredith Hunter may lose her Ginninderra seat, as Labor looks set to gain a third.

The latest count gives the Liberals eight seats, Labor eight and the Greens holding the balance of power with one seat.

In Molonglo, Attorney-General Simon Corbell is in front of fellow Labor candidate Meegan Fitzharris.

Liberals MLA Steve Doszpot may lose his seat, with fellow party member Elizabeth Lee slightly ahead.

Shane Rattenbury remains ahead of fellow Greens MLA Caroline Le Couteur.

In Ginninderra’s latest count, Labor candidate Yvette Berry has snuck ahead of Greens Leader Meredith Hunter for the fifth seat.

In Brindabella, Liberals candidate Andrew Wall leads sitting Greens MLA Amanda Bresnan for the last seat.

But ACT electoral commissioner Phil Green says the result is still too close to call.

“It’s a pretty close election and it is going to change as preferences come in there so we can’t read too much into the figures that are going up at the moment,” he said.

A final count is not expected until Saturday at the earliest.

Both parties will then begin negotiations with the Greens on who they will support to form a minority government.

Shane Rattenbury says the Greens are in no position to negotiate until the vote is finalised.

“I think flux is the best word to describe it, the mood goes up and down a little bit as things go well or things don’t go so well in the count,” he said.

“For the Greens overall we’re in a situation where we could end up with anywhere between one and three seats so that produces some very different permutations.”

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