How population growth can make us worse off KELVIN THOMPSON MP

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How population growth can make us worse off

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Ryan, Julie (K. Thompson, MP) <>

1:03 PM (1 hour ago)

Dear Population Supporter Please find the link to a very interesting article by the economic journalist Ross Gittins ‘How population growth can make us worse off’. Two things in particular are worth noting:He points out that rising population growth equals falling productivity per person. So, when people say they want to improve productivity, they ought to support slowing population growthHe says politicians are always boasting about record government spending on this or that, but never make allowance for population growth. The Budget Papers, for example, don’t talk about GDP per person. What we should do is start talking about ‘population creep’ in the same way some economists talk about ‘bracket creep’ in relation to tax. We should demand that politicians, economists etc. talk about spending per capita, tax per capita, and so on. The Hon Kelvin ThomsonFederal Member for Wills

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