Help get our Medicare billboards on the road

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Help get our Medicare billboards on the road

Australian Unions Team
2:05 PM (1 minute ago)

to me
Neville —

This time next week voters in Griffith will be going to the polls for a federal by-election. Last year Tony Abbott was confident of winning the seat – that was until his chosen candidate came out in favour slugging people for doctors visits.

Medicare has become the major issue of the campaign and we have an opportunity to send Tony Abbott a strong message: don’t mess with Medicare.

We have mobile billboards ready to hit the road in Brisbane – we just need your help to get them on the road.

Can you chip in $12 dollars to help get our message directly to voters in Griffith?

This by-election will have a national impact. If Tony Abbott and the LNP lose this by-election on Saturday – a by-election fought largely on the Medicare issue – even the most extreme conservatives in the Liberal Party will have to think twice about attacking our world-class universal health system.

We’ve already heard that some senior government figures who have backed the Medicare changes are now on the fence.

With the election only a week away every vote matters. We’ve scouted the best spots to get maximum exposure with swinging voters. We know that our message works. All we need now is your help to get them on the road.

Can we count on you to chip in to help get the billboards on the road?

Australian Unions were pivotal in the creation of Medicare thirty years ago and there is no way that we will see it destroyed without a fight.

Thanks for being a part of the Australian union movement and thanks for everything that you have done to stand up for the interests of working people. There are some tough attacks coming our way but if we stand together and fight for what matters we will win.

Yours in union,

Australian Unions Team


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