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Have you signed yet? Ask Senators to stand up for people not polluters


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1:21 PM (2 hours ago)

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In just a few weeks Senators will decide whether to rip out the laws that protect our air, water, wildlife and the places we love to pave the way for big polluters.

Already 19,139 people have added their voice to tell Senators to put people before polluters. If we can reach 50,000 signatures, our voices can’t be ignored.

Will you add your quick signature to ask Australian Senators to reject the policies of the past and keep life thriving in Australia?

We all share a responsibility to live in a way that embraces life – that protects our air, water, rivers, forests, oceans and wildlife. And our laws should reflect that.It’s just a small handful of politicians – fuelled by greedy coal lobby groups – who are trying to strip away environmental protection.

If these Bills are approved they will:

  • silence communities so they can’t hold governments to account and challenge big developments like coal ports on our Great Barrier Reef.
  • weaken the laws that protect life by handing over responsibility for places and wildlife we love, like our World Heritage and threatened species, to under-resourced state governments.

If it wasn’t for communities standing up and our national environmental laws, places like the Franklin River, the Great Barrier Reef and Kakadu would be lost to the exploits of big polluters.

Because people care, we can take our kids for a walk in our national parks, drink clean water filtered by forests from our city taps and swim at unpolluted beaches.

Thousands of people like you have called and emailed your MPs and turned out at rallies to show how much you care.

Will you send a strong message to Australian Senators to stand up for people not polluters?

In the next few weeks, we’ll hand over your signatures to Senators. With tens of thousands of voices we can send a strong message so Senators feel confident to stand up for our air, water, wildlife and the places we love.

Geoff Cousins
Australian Conservation Foundation

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