Hanging by a thread – Fukushima and Permafrost

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Hanging by a thread – Fukushima and Permafrost


John James jrhj99@googlemail.com
5:50 AM (2 hours ago)

to John
Friends of the Earth

An important report on Fukushima and the state of those buildings is a MUST READ.
Hanging by a thread.

And taking land from the poor
Rush to buy up Africa

The following three reports are pointing to the absolute urgency of stopping the consumerist society – stopping now the mining of tar sands and Queensland coal and African oil etc.

Ocean acidification means fish mass extinction “within one generation”

Large-scale release of Permafrost immanent

3 degrees Celsius means 25+ metres sea level rise

Then look at this TED talk on the Canadian tar sands that hold the second largest oil deposits in the world after Saudi Arabia. This guarantees the use of petrol for the US military for decades to come. This terminates any thought of Peak Oil, though it will become more expensive.

John James

The three blogs are from material supplied by Code Red, which is well worth reading.

YouTube – Videos from this email

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