Greenpeace acts against GM Dairy

Consumers don’t want GE

Polls consistently show that the majority of Australians don’t want to eat GE food. The same is true for our major export markets such as Japan. That is why dairy producers such as Attiki, Bega and Tatura have adopted non-GE policies. If farmers were to adopt GE crops they would risk market rejection, both domestically and in our export markets.

Contamination is inevitable
A Western Australian Parliamentary inquiry into genetic engineering formed the view that “contamination of non-GM crops by GM crops is inevitable.”

GE crops will harm non-GE farmers
Currently, non-GE farmers are expected to bear many, if not most, of the costs of introducing genetically engineered (GE) crops. Non-GE farmers will also be exposed to increased financial risk, including potential liability and lost market access, when the inevitable contamination occurs. In the US, Monsanto has an annual budget of $10 million dollars and a staff of 75 devoted solely to investigating and prosecuting farmers for patent infringement.

GE crops cannot be recalled
Once GE crops are released into the environment they cannot be recalled. As living organisms they can reproduce and pollute indefinitely.






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