Green news roundup: Food crisis, Petermann glacier and US corn farmers

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Green news roundup: Food crisis, Petermann glacier and US corn farmers

The week’s top environment news stories and green events

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Indiana, drought, corn

Corn plants are seen in a drought-stricken farm field near Evansville, Indiana. Photograph: John Sommers Ii/Reuters

Environment news

• US drought could trigger repeat of global food crisis, experts warn
• America’s corn farmers high and dry as hope withers with their harvest
Victory for Lib Dems over onshore wind subsidies row
• Big energy users get seven times more Treasury meetings than green sector
• Solar panel installations halved, figures show
• Affluent Vietnamese driving rhino horn poaching in South Africa, report warns
• China in talks to build UK nuclear power plants

On the blogs

Wind farm

• Why is the Treasury intent on sabotaging our clean energy future?
• Go wild as a family this summer holidays
• Climategate detective: ‘I’m deeply disappointed’ we didn’t catch hacker


Revenge of the Electric Car

• The week in wildlife – in pictures
• The Revenge of the Electric Car: watch an exclusive clip – video
• The carbon footprint of British holiday flights – interactive
• Greenland: Petermann glacier calves huge iceberg – interactive
• Pedals to Medals: a competitive cycling exhibition – in pictures


Richard Branson

• Ripples from Pebble felt far from Alaska
• Richard Branson urges Obama to back next-generation nuclear technology
• Hydroelectric energy creation arrives in London

Best of the web

• Tourism driving illegal elephant trade in Burma and Thailand – video
• Siemens and Dong energy sign €2.5bn offshore wind power deal
For more of the best environment comment and news from around the web, visit the Guardian Environment Network.

Green jobs

• Director of Communications at the Soil Association
• Canal Manager at Hampshire County Council
• Head of Greenprint 2020 at Global Action Plan

…And finally

• Greenpeace parodies Shell with ‘Arctic Ready’ adverts – in pictures
The Arctic Ready website that appeared online a few months ago may look like a Shell creation, but in fact it was Greenpeace hijacking the brand in protest at Shell’s polar exploration for oil. The site asked people to send in spoof Shell adverts, and here are the most popular

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