Green news roundup: BP, bees and buses

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Green news roundup: BP, bees and buses

The week’s top environment news stories and green events

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Gulf oil spill spreads pollution and anger

Environment news

Deepwater oil spill: BP finalises settlement with Gulf residents
US oil boom fuels earthquake rise – but fracking not to blame, scientists say
Carbon capture in UK under threat as study raises doubts
National body opposing wind power to launch in Westminster
Tory council happily running ‘conservatory tax’ for past five years
•  UK had driest March in 59 years, latest figures show
Fracking: green groups denounce report approving further exploration

On the blogs

Carbon footprint

Has the carbon footprint of our consumption finally peaked?
Drought should force football clubs to consider artificial turf
Go-ahead for fracking is not the start of a golden age for gas
Rio+20 summit asks young people: what environmental future do you want?



Beekeeping: why we love keeping bees – video
Belo Monte dam construction – in pictures
The week in wildlife – in pictures
Emperor penguins become first creatures to be counted from space

Features and comment

hybrid flywheel energy storage application system : Williams F1 Hybrid Technology To Drive Buses

F1 fuel-saving flywheel to be fitted to London’s buses
Is the EU ‘juking the stats’ of its carbon schemes?
Apple defends green credentials of cloud computing services
Nuclear: a toxic investment

… And finally

Black honeybees rediscovered in Britain
Native black honeybees, previously thought all but extinct in the UK, are better suited to surviving the British climate and could hold the key to reversing colony collapse

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