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Green Light: Water, GM debate and reader photos of bees


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Green news roundup: Water, GM debate and reader photos of bees

The week’s top environment news stories and green events

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Sewage : Rainwater flowing down a drain at the side of a road
GM protest

Environment news

Most water companies not required to cut leaks before 2015 despite drought
Diageo to end funding of Heartland Institute after climate change outburst
Microsoft to go carbon neutral
Conservative thinktanks step up attacks against Obama’s clean energy strategy
Largest onshore windfarm in England and Wales gets go-ahead
Warm water marine species spreading northwards into British waters

On the blogs

GM oilseed rape

A chance to move the GM debate on
The price worth paying for New York’s bike share
Heartland Institute compares belief in global warming to mass murder
Two-thirds of commuters think UK roads are ‘not safe enough for cycling’


2012 April Green shoots Flickr group on bee and bumble bee

Bees: your Green shoots photographs
In pictures : Week in wildlife
Birds Strike Back: cartoons lampoon Thames estuary airport plans – in pictures
Satellite eye on Earth: April 2012 – in pictures


Japan give up on nuclear energy : liquefied natural gas (LNG) tank at Tokyo Gas Co Sodegaura plant

Anxious Japan prepares for life without nuclear power
Howard Atkinson: GM food saboteurs only destroy vital new knowledge
The water industry is burying a leaking pipes scandal
Wet weather helps ailing wildlife in England and Wales
Jonathon Porritt: The eye-watering expense of nuclear power

Best of the web

China mulling investment in UK’s new nuclear plans
‘Shameful’ plastic waste to be tackled by government
For more of the best environment comment and news from around the web, visit the Guardian Environment Network.

…And finally

British asparagus season delayed by bad weather
Growers say the prolonged rain and unpredictable weather has delayed the start of the eagerly awaited season

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