Get Rid Of That Old Wind Turbine… The Future Is Here

13 February, 2014 Uncategorized0

Get Rid Of That Old Wind Turbine… The Future Is Here

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February 13, 2014 06:47 AM



If you were paying attention in school you must know that wind turbines convert kinetic energy from the wind into electrical power. But even the best of them will be a distant second to what Sheerwind has in store for us.

The energy technology company has designed a new innovative wind turbine named INVELOX that promises to produce six times as much electrical power as a conventional turbine does.

Utilizing the Venturi Effect, Sheerwind’s new funnel-shaped turbine basically sucks in air from all directions and pushes it down through a tube into a turbine generator. By doing so, it increases the velocity of the wind and lowers the pressure, which in turn speeds up the wind turbine installed in its lowest portion.

Sheerwind claims that not only is its turbine more efficient and has a less startup cost, it would also result in fewer bird deaths – which are a problem with its conventional predecessors.

The concept of Venturi Effect in the field of fluid dynamics is quite old, but it is the first time it is being used to produce electricity. If Sheerwind’s product is everything what it says it is, it would revolutionize the power making industry, and in the next few years, wind turbines would look like funnels instead of fans.

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