Front Yard Food takes off

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The Generator’s Front Yard Food project is up and running with the first garden going into Lennox Heads in August. Ina Gooley is now the proud owner of 12 square metres of vegetable seedlings on what was once her front lawn, protected from the summer sun and salt breezes by a screen of native food plants.

Ina Gooley in her front yard



Before the work started Voila! Front Yard Food

Volunteers came to help build the garden and local businesses donated generously to make the project possible. Mark Duncan of Lennox Sustainable Gardens designed and managed the project helped by Breens Gardens and Team Generator. Early Risers organic seedlings donated the seedlings, North Coast Landscapes donated the native food plants, Lennox Landscape Suppliers provided the soil, and Murwillumbah Worm Farms provided compost and food. Charlie Starrett provided the macadamia compost and construction materials.

Building a path In go the boxes for the garden beds Planting the garden



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