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The Victorian moratorium on GM canola was introduced in March 2004 to protect farmers from the inevitable financial losses that would result from the introduction of GE canola. It is currently due to expire on February 29, 2008, unless a new moratorium order is introduced.

However, there is a strong push in the Victoria’s State Labour government, notably from  Agriculture Minister, Joe Helper, who wants to lift the moratorium on genetically engineered (GE) canola. The announcement was plastered across the front page of the Sunday Age in May 2007, leaving many people choking on their cornflakes. Response was a huge public backlash which left the Sunday Age letters editor drowning in letters from angry consumers.

Joe Helper issued a speedy retraction the next day, in which he promised to consult with business. He later amended this statement and promised to consult the community as well! This was followed by the announcement on 22nd May of an ‘independent’ panel to review Victoria’s moratorium on the commercial planting of GE canola.

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