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Hi NEVILLE,Remember this? “Governments should not and must not say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards” – Tony Abbott, August 2011.

Only, that’s exactly what they just did. From “no cuts to the ABC or SBS”, to “we will make sure no school will be worse off”, to “no change to pensions” and “no cuts to health” — the 2014 budget is chock full of broken promises.

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Tonight’s budget attacked the values many of us hold dear. Australia’s poorest will pay – as well as pensioners, the unemployed, and the disabled. Students will pay more for education. They cut aid to the world’s poorest. The sick will pay more for healthcare. Media, science, education, and the environment all suffer. To add insult to injury, much of the Government’s “savings” go to a huge fund to incentivise State and Territory Governments selling off more public assets.

But we don’t just have to watch on in frustration. Instead, we can work together to hold this Government accountable, and stand up for the generous and fair Australia we still believe in. That’s what GetUp was built for, and we have plenty to do – now more than ever.

You might find tonight’s budget depressing, but you wouldn’t feel that way if you saw what I saw today. GetUp members were incredible – on the lawns of Parliament House, they displayed thousands of messages in support of our favourite broadcaster, delivered a petition signed by a quarter of a million Australians and held a cracking media event that attracted every TV camera in town. Here’s how it looked from above:

Over 30 MPs and Senators walked down from Parliament to stand with us as we unveiled our huge mobile billboard calling Tony Abbott out on his broken promises. One GetUp member, Kath, told me she drove 90 minutes from her farm to stand up for the ABC, because it’s the only media she gets in the bush.

Right across the country, members have swung into action, organising community demonstrations in 61 electorates across the country, ensuring every MP in the country heard the message loud and clear that Australians won’t stand for cuts to our ABC. More than 11,000 members chipped in to fund a hard-hitting “broken promises” ad that’s on air as we speak. And that’s just the ABC campaign – GetUp members are fighting for so much more. And they’re not even close to giving up.

Whenever you add your voice, attend an event, or hassle local politicians; whenever you volunteer on polling booths, persuade friends and family on social media, or chip in to run huge advertising campaigns; whenever you GetUp, you’re part of a huge movement of Australians who are going to fight back against this budget. Let’s keep at it – we have our work cut out for us.

In the meantime, check out more detail from the budget here:

We’ll be back in touch with plenty more opportunities to take action soon.

Sam, for the GetUp Team.

PS – There were some big winners in tonight’s budget. Big businesses got huge tax breaks. The mining industry will continue to receive huge subsidies. Right-wing thinktanks like the IPA, funded by Rupert Murdoch and Gina Rinehart, are rapidly crossing items off the “wish list” they gave this government.

Despite assurances that we’re all “sharing the burden”, it’s clear the real burden falls on our struggling families, the sick, students and society’s most vulnerable. But unlike this government, the GetUp movement will not turn its back on those who need us most. We’re going to fight for them. Click here for more budget details:

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