Environmentalists fight back at BHP

Environmentalists fight back: BHP Cabrillo Port LNG terminal in US assailed as “part of a globalised assault taking place on our earth”
Under US federal law, the Governor’s rejection was final, meaning BHP cannot receive the necessary federal permit in California. But Arnold Schwarzenegger left open the door for other applicants, including Woodside, saying LNG must play a role in meeting California’s energy needs, reported The Australian (21/5/2007, p.4).

Schwarzenegger backs LNG: Releasing his decision, he said California needed to diversify fuel sources for consumers with cleaner alternatives such as LNG. Despite a huge lobbying exercise by BHP Billiton in California, estimated to have cost more than $US2 million ($2.4 million), the project continually ran into opposition, culminating in the California Coastal Commission and State Lands Commission both turning the proposal down last month, mainly because it failed to meet emissions standards.

BHP plan tarred as "globalised assault": At one protest rally, Hollywood actor Brosnan described Cabrillo Port as “part of a globalised assault taking place on our earth”. A petition signed by Newton-John said: “This floating LNG terminal will emit more than 200 tons of smog-producing pollutants per year in an area long known for high occurrences of asthma in both children and adults.”

Woodside says its case is different: Woodside has proposed a terminal off the coast of California that would sink to the ocean floor when not in use. A Woodside spokesman said on 20 May its concept did not have the emissions issues that had affected Cabrillo Port and the project was progressing through the US regulatory authorities.

The Australian, 21/5/2007, p.4

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