Eliminate brutality in the Police Force

Eliminate brutality in the Police Force

To: The Premier of NSW

Eliminate brutality in the Police Force
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Dear Premier. The use of tasers and capsicum sprays indiscriminately against anyone, whether restrained or not, is inhumane. Sending these officers back to the streets sanctions their actions. 
We urge you to apply the law to the members of the Police Force so they accept responsibility for inhumane and insensitive actions. They should be subject to the same law as the rest of us, and not cushioned by internal reviews.
Officers like these themselves need restraint.

Why is this important?

The police are the upholders of the law. They have become law-breakers themselves. Not just as shown in movies, as corrupt and lethal, but in reality in our streets.
Our freedoms rely, to a very large extent, on the decency and restraint of those who apply the law.
Historically, fascism has grown out of state violence. This is not the path we should take.

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