Eleventh hour reprieve for Bulga? Steve Philips, Lock the Gate

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Eleventh hour reprieve for Bulga?


Steve Philips, Lock the Gate sjphillips@fastmail.fm via sendgrid.info 

11:51 AM (1 hour ago)

to me
Dear Neville,

Something extraordinary has happened, and one more strong push from us now could help to save the village of Bulga in an eleventh hour rescue mission. This time, we might actually be able to succeed. Read on!The New South Minister for Planning, Rob Stokes, has just made a second unprecedented intervention into the decision on the Warkworth Continuation Project, which may give the village of Bulga cause for hope.

Minister Stokes has asked the Planning and Assessment Commission (PAC) to hold another review, this time taking into consideration the proposed change to the Planning Policy that will restore balance between the costs and benefits of mining, and leave open the possibility that mines with too great an impact should not be approved.

This is very significant.  It means that the final decision-maker, the so-called determination PAC, will get new advice from a review process that is required to properly weigh the costs and benefits, rather than giving unfair priority to mining interests.

And so there is another public hearing scheduled, and another call for submissions…..where we can make the persuasive case that the costs to the community of Bulga, public health and endangered woodlands far outweigh the benefits.

Can you join Bulga one more time, and come to Singleton, to speak to the Planning and Assessment Commission and appeal to them to deliver justice for Bulga and refuse consent for the Warkworth Continuation Project?

Thanks for all the action you’ve already taken for Bulga. It’s hard to believe we’ve been given this last chance, and may actually succeed.

And if you want to stand once more with the good people of Bulga, before the PAC hearing, please join us at 8am in Singleton on the 7th September.

Thanks again and stay in touch,

Steve Phillips
Lock the Gate Alliance – Hunter and Central Rivers

Lock The Gate – Hunter Central Rivers

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