Dutch trains to be wind powered

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Dutch trains to be wind powered

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All of the Netherland’s electric trains will be powered by wind turbines under a new energy contract signed on May 15 between power company Eneco and joint venture Vivens, which includes Netherland Railways (NS) and other Dutch passenger as well as freight rail operators.
Dutch trains to be wind powered

Under the contract, 50% of trains on the Netherland’s electrified network will run on new green power as of next year, with 100% of traction power for the network to come from wind turbines by 2018.

The total electricity contract is for 1.4 terrawatt hours (TWh) per year, 1.2 which is earmarked for NS and 0.2 for all other passenger and freight rail operators. The annual demand of 1.4 TWh of electricity corresponds to the amount of electricity consumed by all households in Amsterdam.
The contract runs from 2015 to 2025 and is the largest known green contract in the Netherlands.
The green power to be used by the rail operators will come from new wind farms that are gradually coming on stream in the Netherlands, Scandinavia and Belgium. Half of the power will be generated in the Netherlands, with the other half coming from abroad.
Under the contract, Eneco will guarantee that the volume of electricity used by the trains each year corresponds to the annual output of all new wind farms.
Eneco will also ensure that there is always sufficient green power available on the grid for rail companies even if the wind is not blowing.
NS chief executive Timo Hughes said the contract is a “perfect example” of how organisations in the rail sector are working closely together to improve passenger experience and sustainable mobility.
“According to a customer survey, eight out of 10 passengers consider it important for rail companies to switch over to green power,” Hughes said.
“From 2018, trains will be running on green power, enabling our 1.2 million passengers to travel truly green with zero emissions transport.”
Chairman of the board of management at Eneco Group, Jeroen de Haas, said “The partnership signifies that going green is a serious option for complete business sectors”.

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