Double the power of your vote

If you vote for me, but more poor deluded fools vote for one of these characters, your vote gets moved straight across to the number two person on your ballot paper.


It does not go across at half strength, it is not diluted in any way. The full vote gets passed on.

By voting Green you double the power of your vote. You send a message to the establishment parties that you think they should keep copying the Greens policies and you get to determine which one of those lack lustre, economic rationalists ends up running the country.


Even better, if you convince enough of your friends, colleagues and relatives to do the same, I might get in. I only need ten thousand people to vote Greens for the first time and the seat of Richmond will be decided on preferences.

On November 24, vote for the party that will manage the economy for the future. Vote One the Greens.

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