Don’t eat Orange Roughy

ACT Greens MLA Deb Foskey today called for all fishmongers to promote the consumption of sustainable seafood.

"In fish shops and supermarkets around Canberra you can see fish for sale, such as orange roughy, flake and southern blue fin tuna, that we know is endangered" Dr Foskey said today.

"Today is Sustainable Seafood Day. Most people would like to eat fish that is sustainably harvested so it’s time to make it easier for consumers to make an informed choice when they buy."

"The easiest way to start the process would be to require retailers to put up a poster identifying the conservation status of the fish they sell. It will still be up to the consumer, but at least they would be informed."

"There is no shortage of information out there, it’s just that it isn’t visible where you buy your fish."

"The Australian Marine Conservation Society produces a great Sustainable Seafood guide, for example. They could probably help the ACT Government produce a poster that would suit the ACT situation."

"Most fish we eat in Australia is caught in the wild. And many of our fisheries are overfished. Until governments around Australia are prepared to take strong measures to control the catch it is up to consumers to make the right choice."

"I’d like to the see the ACT Government work with fish shops and supermarkets to make the choice easier" Dr Foskey said.

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