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Delay and attack


Peter Mitchell via

2:23 PM (2 hours ago)

to me


I can hardly tolerate it anymore. Archbishop Philip Wilson is saying in the media he “regrets” and is “sorry” for the abuse my son suffered at St Ann’s – yet his lawyers never stop the delay and attack tactics. 

I’m so thankful to have 86,000 of you in my corner who’ve signed my petition on asking him to settle the case, and help us pay for counselling our children need. But so far he’s not listening.

Right now we’re on another “adjournment” requested by Catholic Church lawyers. They’ve become routine for us now – we know they mean another torturous few years without us seeing justice.

That’s why I need your help again now. Can you help get their attention by emailing in to the Archbishop’s office at asking him to end the 12 years of legal delay tactics for St Ann’s abuse victims?

It’s the hypocrisy that is just so wrong now. The Catholic Church is saying in public they’re doing everything they can to help victims. When that’s far from the truth.

I really want to thank you for signing and sharing my petition. If you can help continue our fight, we’re also asking people to fill in our survey to help us show the Archbishop what the public thinks of this kind of treatment of sexual abuse victims. It’d be a lot of help if you can fill it in too. 

Your support is keeping us going.

Peter Mitchell

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