Dangerous, illegal policy (TAX ON NUCLEAR WASTE)

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Dangerous, illegal policy
Spartanburg Herald Journal
For almost 30 years, the government has been collecting a tax on the power bills of consumers who use electricity from nuclear power plants. The money is supposed to fund a permanent method of disposing of nuclear waste. But after collecting billions
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Fukushima forum: Arnie Gundersen compares U.S. and Japanese nuclear reactors
The first guest was Arnie Gundersen who appeared on the show to share his expertise in the area of nuclear engineering and to make the American public more aware of the potential danger hiding in their own backyard. Gundersen, who holds a master’s
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Court Says Regulators Must Evaluate Dangers of Nuclear Waste
If the government continues to fail in its quest to establish one, then SNF (spent nuclear fuel) will seemingly be stored on site at nuclear plants on a permanent basis. The Commission can and must assess the potential environmental effects of such a
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