Daily update: Why the Murdoch media hates renewable energy so much

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Daily update: Why the Murdoch media hates renewable energy so much


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Why the Murdoch media hates renewable energy so much, RET cuts would deliver billions to gentailers as power prices soar, Danish reports says 100% renewables feasible, Geodynamics sees hope for hot rocks in supporting gas development, World’s first community-owned tidal turbine comes online, Cleantech innovators among semi-finalists in ATC, Massive write-downs of reserves show California shale boom to be mirage, ‘Unstable’ climate policy could lead to massive spending, Australian navy to join US in switch to biofuels, and GM looks to
transform transport”.
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The Murdoch media’s anti renewable stance is sometimes hilarious, and mostly ill-informed. Fortunately, many technology-neutral big business leaders understand that rowing back on renewables might favour a few generators and satisfy ideological motives, but would be bad for consumers.
New analysis from Bloomberg New Energy Finance finds power generators stand to gain as much $70bn in extra revenue if renewable target is cut.
Danish Energy Agency report finds 100% renewables possible by 2050 under various scenarios, including wind-based with PV, or biomass.
Geothermal aspirant Geodynamics signs agreement with Beach Energy that could see geothermal used for heat, energy and CO2 sequestration for gas production.
A Scottish town has launched the first community-owned tidal turbine in the world.
Record 228 entries in national clean technology competition narrowed to 36 semi-finalists – including Carnegie Wave Energy and Magellan Power.
EIA is downgrading its estimate of the oil reserves in California’s Monterey Shale from 13.7 billion barrels to 600 million barrels — a 96% decrease.
Climate Institute says Abbott government’s ‘unstable’ climate policy could fail to meet minimum targets and require ‘massive additional spending’.
Royal Australian Navy confirms plans to make all its ships and aircraft biofuel-capable within 6 years, bringing it in-line with the US navy.
GM looks to restructuring global vehicle portfolio, rework manufacturing, and begin

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