Daily update: Why Big Oil just doesn’t get it

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Daily update: Why Big Oil just doesn’t get it


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Carbon bubble? Stranded assets? Not according to Big Oil. Plus: Greenearth Energy’s CO2-to-fuel solar win; Coal mining named as Australia’s biggest polluter; Silex reassures on ARENA funding, share price stops falling; CO2 passes 400ppm milestone; RET Roadtrip heads to Victoria’s Great Ocean Road; why notion’s of ‘saving the earth’ no longer apply; and the world’s greenest carmaker.
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The Parkinson Report
Global oil majors aren’t buying in to the theories of carbon bubbles and stranded assets. Could this be because much of the $30trn of fossil-fuel revenues said to be at risk in this warming world is in the oil industry?
Greenearth Energy says its Israeli partner’s CO2 to fuel technology now has two proven paths to market, using concentrated solar as well as waste heat.
Report names coal as lead cause of declining Oz air quality; Vic govt puts CSG on hold; Abbott climate policy ‘uncertain’; Solco to sell solar assets.
Uncertainty created by the Abbott government’s axing of ARENA named as a factor behind the ‘unexpected erosion’ of Silex Systems’ share price.
C02 measurements in the northern hemisphere were above 400 parts per million for the month of April, the first time that’s been recorded in human history.
RET Roadtrip # 6 – Seaside town of Anglesea is known for its surf and vacations, less known for its open-cut brown coal mine and an ageing coal power plant.
New science has shown that long-held notions about trying to “save the planet” and preserve the life we have today no longer apply.
Hyundai-Kia is the Greenest Automaker, though all automakers have improved their

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