Daily update: Utilities move to kick rooftop solar off the grid

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Daily update: Utilities move to kick rooftop solar off the grid


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Utilities move to kick rooftop solar off the grid, Lousy weather won’t save Victorian networks, The world’s top 10 markets for utility scale solar, Austalia ranks low in clean tech innovation, Germany hits 50% solar as Ireland hits 50% wind, Wind hits 91% of demand in SA, New financing models to cut renewables costs by 20%, Texas breaks wind power production record, and Tesla may create Pan-European supercharger network by end of year.
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The Parkinson Report
New standards are being introduced to stop households and businesses exporting excess solar back into the grid. That may buy greater stability for networks, but it risks accelerating the adoption of battery storage and grid defections.
Victorian’s can live without their grid if they’re forced to through unfair pricing. Even with that state’s fickle weather.
Australia tumbles another 7 places in ranking of utility scale solar, now sitting just behind the Dominican Republic.
Australia has one of the lowest rankings in industrialised world on cleantech innovation, a new report finds.
… but reports about new record shares of renewable power are understandably celebratory, but they also confuse the public – and even experts.
Wind energy accounted for up to 91 per cent of demand in South Australia in this week’s big blow.
Widespread use of YieldCos should allow for wind and solar costs to drop by more than 20 percent compared to current project finance models.
In March this year, Texas produced more wind power in a given moment than ever before, according to a new Energy Information Administration report.
Tesla – rated by Morgan Stanley as world’s most important carmaker – aims to install pan-European network of Supercharger stations.
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