Daily update: UBS: Time to join the solar, EV, storage revolution

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Daily update: UBS: Time to join the solar, EV, storage revolution


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UBS: Time to join the solar, EV, storage revolution; Why EVs will make solar viable without subsidies; Origin Energy to revitalise solar strategy, including storage, EVs, Solar for renters; Cutting RET would decimate renewables; Melbourne Zoo instals 100kW solar; Welcome to zero waste world; and Indian state to add 5000MW solar by 2019.
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UBS says payback time for combined EV plus solar plus battery storage will be as low as 6 years by 2020 – unsubsidised. This means centralised fossil fuel generation will become “dinosaurs” – inflexible and irrelevant, even as back-up. “Large scale power stations could be on a path to extinction”.
UBS report says addition of EVs and storage will mean households can budget on 12 years of free electricity for a 20-year solar system.
Origin Energy looks to reboot solar strategy, including household PPA’s and EVs, but large scale renewables will likely only happen overseas.
Federal environment minister Greg Hunt calls ASC chief a ‘total failure’ and ‘utterly partisan,’ as solar lobby begins marginal seats campaign.
Prepaid Solar says time right to tap one of Australia’s largest solar markets – the estimated 1.8 million vacant rooftops of the residential rental market.
Clean Energy Council study finds cutting RET to ‘real’ 20% target would slash large-scale renewables growth by 64%, cost investors billions, wipe out jobs.
Melbourne Zoo officially carbon neutral after installing 101.2kW of solar PV to power elephant and baboon enclosures, and head office and shop.
Inspired by nature, a circular economy aspires not merely to limit waste but to eliminate the very idea of waste: Everything, at the end of its life, should be made into something else.
India state works on renewable energy policy that would see 5,000MW of solar power and 4,000MW of wind energy installed by 2019.
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