Daily update: Networks to defend grid by adding fees to solar, storage

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Daily update: Networks to defend grid by adding fees to solar, storage


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Networks to defend grid by adding fees to solar, storage; Solar provides far more jobs in Australia than coal; LEDs could slash street light energy usage by 97%; NSW networks should lead way into solar, storage microgrids; Australia Post and Bird Munchies go solar at NSW HQs; Citizen-funded solar system installed at SA community centre; SolarWorld wins again: US-China solar trade war deepens; and Stanford foresees $25k, 300 mile EV battery range with honeycomb battery.
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The Parkinson Report
Network operators still want to address the “death spiral” by penalising solar and battery storage with higher fees and tariffs. But they are doing nothing about the legacy costs of a super-sized and over-capitalised grid.
TAI report says Australian solar industry employs 13,300 people, with another 8,000 to come – an amount “far larger” than its coal-fired power stations.
Online modeling tool uses 3D maps of Australian capital cities to help consumers estimate benefits of installing rooftop solar.
LED streetlights could achieve efficiencies of 97% by 2020 – much higher than domestic or commercial lamps. But are our governments enlightened enough?
NSW should focus on restructuring its electricity business rather than trying to sell an old business model.
Australia Post installs rooftop solar at NSW HQ to cut electricity costs by $65,000-plus a year; as does one of Australia’s bigggest bird seed makers.
A 10kW solar system at Gawler Community House SA becomes second such project funded by the Citizens Own Renewable Energy Network Australia (CORENA).
Solar trade war between US and China risks escalation as new tariffs imposed in latest round.
Students have figured out how to stabilize the lithium in a lithium-ion battery, and that could help bring the typical EV down to mainstream affordability.

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