Daily update: It’s time for Tony Abbott to dump secret nuclear ambitions

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Daily update: It’s time for Tony Abbott to dump secret nuclear ambitions


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Time for Abbott to dump his secret nuclear ambitions; Silex tumbles after solar-nuclear switch hits market roadblock; Ingenero placed in administration; Hunt approves “carbon bomb”; Australia’s first commercial wind farm faces bleak future; Solar boosting jobs/cutting electricity costs according to new study; Rio Tinto’s fossil fuel exposure is rapidly diminishing; Abbott may have delivered the ETS’ last rites, but what did Bernardi’s G8 do?; and The “hidden cost’ of wind power – less than conventional power plants
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Tony Abbott has surrounded himself with nuclear advocates. This explains his antipathy towards wind and solar, but as the French government, and Australian nuclear technology developer Silex are discovering – it’s a dead end. It’s time for Abbott to dump his unstated nuclear fantasies.
Silex Systems decided in June to dump its solar business to focus on nuclear. But now the nuclear industry has dumped Silex.
The Australian solar industry has been rocked by the apparent collapse of one of the country’s largest and most prominent solar developers, the Queensland-based Ingenero.
Environment Minister Greg Hunt approves what many are describing as one of the world’s major “carbon bombs”.
WA’s Ten Mile Lagoon wind farm facility reached the end of its design life last year with fears that blades and integral parts will not be replaced.
Australia Institute study says solar is creating jobs and pushing down electricity prices – contrary to the popular belief that renewable energy puts upward pressure on energy prices.
Rio Tinto is writing down its fossil fuel investments. It is now more than ever a giant iron ore mining company.
Many revelations have come out with the carbon tax repeal, including disclosures about an inner core or ‘Group of 8’ within the Coalition who have worked tirelessly to kill the carbon tax, the reporting of Rupert Murdoch’s views on climate change and a rearguard pitch by News Corp tabloids to turn the repeal into a rejection of the science.
The “hidden cost” for conventional power plants in Texas is 17 times more than wind. So…what does the fossil fuel industry have to say about that?

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