Daily update: Is it time for Queensland to ditch reliance on gold-plated grid?

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Daily update: Is it time for Queensland to ditch reliance on gold-plated grid?


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Time for Qld to ditch gold-plated grid?; Plans launched for community-owned energy retailer; India to become renewables superpower; Ergon says solar is game changer for energy business models; SunEdison claims world’s cheapest solar; Newman refuses briefing with top scientists; Network gold plating to be investigated; NY’s bold new plan to expand solar; Redefining future of the grid; and Why you might actually enjoy life in a degrowth economy.
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RenewEconomy Daily News
The Parkinson Report
New report underlines massive subsidy paid to deliver coal-fired electricity through poles and wires to regional Queensland. Everyone might be better off if they embraced renewable-based mini grids.
A new consortium hopes to become Australia’s first community owned retailer, with plans to build, generate and sell renewable energy in northern rivers region of NSW.
India’s new energy minister says Modi government to smash previous 20GW by 2020 solar target and spend $100bn on renewables in five years.
Queensland utility says average household demand down 20% in past decade, 21% of houses have solar, plans first commercial battery storage rollout.
SunEdison says polysilicon breakthrough will slash costs of module production, and enable solar power to become the lowest cost energy solution.
Maurice Newman, Abbott’s top business advisor, refuses to meet climate scientists to defend his “flat earth” nonsense, and attacks on weather bureau.
So what’s it like riding an electric motorcycle that does 0-100 in 3.3 seconds, in the rain? Fascinating, scary and, ultimately, a total pleasure.
Federal Senate votes for independent inquiry into allegations electricity networks have misled the energy regulator and deliberately pushed up power prices.
NY-Sun awards announced for large solar electric projects that will increase the solar capacity in New York State by 68 percent, or more than 214 megawatts.
We stand at rare moment in history, where current knowledge and resolve can deliver abundant energy services reliably, cleanly, and affordably to all.
Like a snake eating its own tail, our growth-orientated civilisation suffers from the delusion that there are no environmental limits to growth.

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