Daily update: Fossil fuels face $30 trillion losses from climate, renewables

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Daily update: Fossil fuels face $30 trillion losses from climate, renewables


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Fossil fuels face $30 trillion losses from climate & renewables, Abbott should stop pretending he is acting on climate change, Abbott renewables attack makes Fraser “sick and disappointed”, Solar’s role in geo-politics:Why Ukraine and Qatar are at centre, Direct Action policy still leaves loopholes open for big polluters, Tesla unveils plan for solar EV charging network in China, Apple details progress on climate targets, RET Road Trip #3.
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The Parkinson Report
European broking house says fossil fuel industry faces revenue losses of $US30 trillion over next two decades from the combined impact of climate policy, pollution controls and declining renewable costs.
Leading analysts say Hunt’s Direct Action an exercise in “wishful thinking” and will allow polluters to “tinker” with their operations, rather than cutting emissions.
Bernie Fraser says Abbott government’s approach to renewables makes him feel “sick and disappointed”, as solar industry warns of rebates being cancelled.
Solar’s role in geo-politics is growing despite representing a small portion of global energy production.
Abbott’s Direct Action policy could let the few companies that produce the most pollution off the hook as Greg Hunt reaffirms commitment to climate change.
Tesla goes with Hanergy’s thin-film flexible PV system for its electric vehicle supercharger network in China.
Apple says 94% of its corporate facilities and 100% of its data centers now powered by renewable energy sources such as solar power.
Yes 2 Renewables’ 3rd instalment of their RET

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