Daily update: Even if coal were free, it couldn’t compete with solar

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Daily update: Even if coal were free, it couldn’t compete with solar


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Even if coal were free, it couldn’t compete with solar; Grattan calls for sweeping electricity tariff reform; Abbott attacked on all sides on carbon, fossil fuel subsidies; SA network operator blows away more wind energy myths; Newcastle’s $4.8b coal facility that should not be built; Myth of German de-industralisation; The emerging power of microgrids; China world’s largest solar PV market, and Australia’s cleantech beats main market.
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Even if coal fired power stations could generate electricity at zero cost, they could not compete with rooftop solar. The era of centralised, coal-fired power is over, and it’s time utilities turned to Plan B.
Grattan Institute proposes sweeping reforms to limit network charges and eliminate cross subsidies to those using air conditioners.
Abbott government accused of giving $15bln of subsidies to fossil fuels by removing carbon price, urged to embrace international permits.
South Australian transmission network operator says state’s huge amount of wind energy has not required added spending, and has clearly reduced emissions.
NSW government has approved a 4.8bn coal export facility in Newcastle, but analysis of market conditions suggest investors will reject the project.
New figures from Deutsche Bank shows the Energiewende is failing to drive business out of Germany.
After more than a century with little change, electricity infrastructure is being remade.
China has surpassed Germany to take top spot as world’s largest solar PV market.
Cleantech stocks, surprisingly, outperformed the main index in Australia this past year.

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