Daily update: Ergon to set California-style energy storage target for 2020

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Daily update: Ergon to set California-style energy storage target for 2020


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Ergon to set California-style enery storage target for 2020, Rooftop solar uptake still highest in low-income Australia, Sunpower says Australia could be global leader in local generation, Fossil fuel subsidies costing global economy $2tn, What’s the greenest car? How resilience is driving energy localisation, The cost of the energy transition in the power sector, NY orders utilities to focus on local generation & storage, PUP needs to go back to school on carbon facts.
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Queensland’s Ergon Energy is about to set an energy storage capacity target for 2020 as it seeks to move its business model away from a sole reliance on poles and wires, and adapt to the decreasing costs of local generation.
New data shows that of Australia’s top 10 solar suburbs in each state and territory, almost all households had income lower than state average.
US solar giant SunPower says Australia should be at forefront of solar and storage. That will change energy markets, and it warns it “could be messy.”
IMF says full cost of world’s fossil fuel subsidies close to $2trn – about 2.9% of global GDP – as UN conference calls for urgent energy policy reform.
A guide to vehicle emissions of four petrol cars and electric vehicles using four different types of electricity (coal, oil, gas and solar).
After widespread power outages in 2012, US communities are turning to microgrids to improve electricity network resilience. Will Australia follow suit?
New study on cost of Germany’s energy transition shows that renewable technologies are the best and cheapest option.
New York instructs utilities to meet needs of a distributed, consumer-focused energy system. Say goodbye to cost-of-service ratemaking.
PUP needs to go back to school as their perception on the scientific consensus of human-c

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