Daily update: Clean energy trends that Australia chooses to ignore

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Daily update: Clean energy trends that Australia chooses to ignore


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Clean energy trends that Australia chooses to ignore, “World first” solar roof with heat and power, Coal not bedrock of Hunter Valley economy, Solar’s time to rise and shine, Hybrid storage inverters to seal the deal for solar, Carbon laws are working like them or not, Fiddling with tariffs could be death of utilities, What is Google plotting for the smart grid? and Buffett to double $15bn bet on renewables.
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Tony Abbott’s new climate goal may be a 30% cut in reputation. If so, he has certainly achieved that already, but he could be causing more fundamental problems for the Australian economy.
Bluescope unveils “world first” built-in solar array that generates electricity and heat, and acts as roofing.
Two new assessments puncture the myth that the coal industry is major contributor to jobs and growth in Hunter Vally and US.
Photovoltaic efficiency records are being shattered, thanks to recent advances in materials science. Its time for solar to shine.
Grid operators and supportive governments may try and stymie solar, but the new wave of battery hybrids means the horse has already bolted.
Australia’s carbon laws are about to turn 2 – pollution is down, the economy is up, scare campaigns exposed, wind and solar grow
Utilities need to shift the conversation to look at total value proposition for customers, or solar and storage will take their business models.
Google is developing secret power grid plan based around energy software and hardware, and led by clean-tech guru  Arun Majumdar.
Warren Buffett is looking to invest another $15 billion in renewable energy, judging by recent comments by the mega-investor.

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