Daily update: Citigroup sees solar + battery storage “socket” parity within years

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Daily update: Citigroup sees solar + battery storage “socket” parity within years


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Citi sees solar+battery storage “socket” parity within years; How energy storage will accelerate decline of fossil fuels; 1/3 solar systems in Qld get little or no tariff; Indian supreme court rebuffs coal lobby arguments; Is wearable tech the next frontier of energy savings?; How ‘wind turbine deafness’ got so wrong, so quick; and Japan focuses on zero-energy buildings.
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Investment bank Citigroup says the return on investment for solar plus storage by 2020 will beat the payback from solar now. That means socket parity in some countries by 2020, and in utility scale grid in large parts of the world by 2030. Fossil fuel generators and utiliy business models will be terminally challenged.
Citigroup analysis says energy storage will have profound impact on fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas. It’s good news for renewables though.
Nearly one third of households in Queensland get paid little or nothing for exports to the grid. Despite this, 63,000 households added solar in last year.
Decision by Supreme Court of India to cancel 214 coal allocations made between 1993 – 2010 was a stunning rebuff to legal arguments from Indian coal lobby.
How the Apple Watch could live up to its promise.
Latest cycle of “wind turbines make you sick/deaf/whatever has been instantaneously debunked by the scientist who wrote research.
Japan is aggressively pushing forward with renewable power options.

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